Book Selection Policy

The purpose of the Jackson City Library is to provide support for the educational, informational,and recreational needs of the community.  To enable citizens to form their own opinions, the library will attempt to provide materials that present all points of view.  The Board of Trustees has adopted the American Library Association's Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read statement (see director for copy of these statements).

Censorship of books must be challenged by the library authorities in maintenance of their responsibility to provide public information and enlightenment through the printed word.  No materials shall be judged for exclusion by taking single passages out of context and basing condemnation of that book on such lifted passages.  A patron's complaint will be in writing and the patron will be given a "Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Material" form (see director for form).

​Selection Aids

​Because the librarian cannot examine every book before it is purchased and cannot be an expert in every field, they must rely on selection aids:

Library Journal

Other standard review media