Gift Policy

It is the general policy of the Jackson City Library to accept all gifts of books and other library related materials provided only that:

1.  Materials offered are clearly suitable for library use.

2.  No stipulation to the use or disposition of the donated materials is made.

3.  The staff of the library must have a free hand in disposal or refusal of duplicate titles, titles not needed, outdated materials of no sufficient reference or circulating value to the library, or titles in poor condition.

4.  Collections of books are not accepted when the donor requests they be kept together as a separate unit, even those that are considered a memorial.

5.  Gift books will be subjected to periodical weeding procedures with the rest of the collection as deemed necessary.

6.  Gift books placed in the collection will be given a label signifying that it is a gift book should the donor request.  Circulation of the gift books will be in accordance with established procedures.

7.  Gifts of money will be accepted with the understanding that the library may do with it as the board sees fit.  When the library receives cash for the purchase of a memorial book, the selection will be made by the donor and/or librarian so that unnecessary duplication may be avoided.

8.  Acknowledgment of the gift will be given if the donor so requests.