Rules For Use of the Library



Library equipment and materials are public property.  Each user or borrower is responsible for returning equipment and materials in good condition.


  • ​Any person over the age of 5 years may register for a library card.
  • Any person over the age of 18 shall present two forms of ID that verify the person's current address.
  • Any person under the age of 16 shall have a parent's or guardian's signature on the registration card.  The parent or guardian must present two forms of ID that verify current address.
  • Patrons must be 18 or older to check out DVDs.
  • There is a 3 item limit on the first check-out.
  • Any change of address or phone number must be reported to the library immediately.
  • There is a $2.00 charge for any card that is lost or destroyed.

​Loan of Materials

  • Books, magazines, tablets, and hotspots are loaned for 14 days.
  • DVDs are loaned for 7 days.
  • Books, magazines, and DVDs may be renewed for two additional loan periods, as long as they belong to our library (inter-library loans cannot be renewed). Hotspots and tablets cannot be renewed.

​Charge for Overdues

  • Jackson City Library is now fine free! This means that there will be no fees on materials borrowed unless the items are lost or damaged.

​Charges for Lost or Damaged Materials

  • The charge for lost or damaged materials is to be the total cost of the materials to the library, plus a $2.50 processing fee.
  • Refunds will not be made on lost library materials, except if it is the library's error.
  • Patrons may not check out any other materials until overdue items are returned and/or lost and damaged items are paid for.