Use of the Meeting Room



The Jackson City Library meeting room is available for public gatherings of a civic, cultural, or educational character, but is not for social gatherings, entertainments, dramatic productions, money-raising, or commercial purposes.

1.  Smoking is prohibited.

2.  No admission fee may be charged, nor may a collection be taken up.

3.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

4.  Each group using the meeting room is responsible for any damage incurred.

5.  Each group is responsible for the clean-up of the room, i.e. if chairs are used, they are to returned to the rack.

6.  No banquets are allowed.

7.  Light refreshments (punch, cookies, sandwiches, salads, covered dish, desserts) may be served.  If the kitchen is used, the group is responsible for the clean-up.

8.  Scheduling of the room for a year's programs is not allowed.  Any group wanting to use the meeting room should call the library in advance to schedule the date.  Only one date for each group is scheduled at a time.

9.  If the meeting is to be held in the evening, a representative of the group is to pick up the meeting room key on the day of the meeting.  When the meeting adjourns, the door is to be locked and the key is to be placed in the outside book depository.  The outside meeting room door is to be used for entrance and exit.

10.  The room capacity is 100 people.